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Last update of the software :
August 26 2023 : Version 1.41c
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Evolutions and bugs fixed :

Version 1.41c (08/26/2023)

. Javascript: Fixed partial background in individual record trees
. Javascript: Fixed sibling list
. HTML/Javascript: Fixed location search

Version 1.41b (08/15/2023)

. HTML and HTML/Javascript: Document Copy : Optimization
. HTML/Javascript: Added an option to display the GEDCOM ID in the patronym page
. Javascript: Adding photos to ascendency trees
. Javascript: Missing first names fixed in ancestry tree and in the titles of individual files
. Javascript: Family tree starting from SOSA number 1

Version 1.41a (07/08/2023)

. HTML/Javascript : Wrong key word used : lenght instead of length
. Document copy : Corrections and optimisations

Version 1.41 (06/08/2023)

. HTML : Affichage des png corrigé
. HTML : Document in individual file not displayed whe in source and in end of the file option activated fixed
. HTML/Javascript : Option to display event without date at the end of the file

Version 1.40z (06/07/2023)

. HTML : Indivividual link fixed in the search page
. HTML : Document in individual file not displayed whe in source and in end of the file option activated fixed

Version 1.40y (06/02/2023)

. HTML/Javascipt : Display documents in Individual tab

Version 1.40x (05/31/2023)

. Crash during document files copy fixed

Version 1.40w (05/29/2023)

. HTML: "Popular" page : Fixed display of the number of occurrences from hexadecimal to decimal
. CSV: Option added to export in UTF-8
. HTML and HTML/Javascript: Option added to export in UTF-8
. HTML/Javascript: Added pages listing sources, notes and documents to individuals pages
. HTML and HTML/Javascript: Bug fix for when choosing not to display first and last names in the individual file
. HTML: Default page size changed to 64kb
. CSV : Option to replace 'before', 'after' and 'about' with the symbols '<', '>', '~'

Version 1.40v (08/12/2022)

. Installation: Button disabled after click
. Installation: Fixed Oxy-Gen link in start menu
. Windows default language detection bug fixed
. Crash fixed when generating the image gallery
. Generation of images in stamp format fixed
. Generating png images in stamp format
. Removal from all pages of event types that were deselected in the GEDCOM tags options page
. HTML: Fixed display of dates in search results
. Installing the 64-bit version in the Programs folder and not Programs (x86)
. HTML: Light/Extensive option: No more button with default focus
. HTML and HTML/Javascript: Fixed image height option in documents and individuals pages
. Preferences, places and debug files in the C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\oxy-gen folder
. Preferences, added ability to save and restore them
. HTML/Javascript: Family tree displayed if SOSA number one has children
. HTML and HTML/Javascript: All conjoints displayed in the family tree

Version 1.40u (06/03/2022)

. CSV : Added option to display a column indicating if the individual is deceased
. CSV : Bugs fixed on the display of some columns
. Places find in Afghanistan by mistake
. Updated translations: German, Catalan

Version 1.40t (03/01/2022)

. CSV : Option added to display all occurrences of an event (in several columns in the excel file)
. HTML Fix : Missing events in sources page
. Oxy-Gen is now 64 bits program (no more limitation to 2 GB of memory)

Version 1.40s (02/09/2022)

. Bug fixed : Crash loading Gedcom with note and documents
. Bug fixed : CSV link column title missing

Version 1.40r (02/06/2022)

. HTML : Most famous names page added
. _UPD tag added in the gecom preference tag list
. Documents not copied if option is set to none
. Merge : UTF-8 format fixed
. HTML : image height fixed

Version 1.40q (01/16/2022)

. GEDCOM fusion : Export format to UTF-8
. Memory bug fixed
. Option added to hide private people (tag _PRIV Y)
. PHP : Export added for version 7

Version 1.40p (08/29/2021)

. PHP: Specific PHP7 generation added
. Support for non-standard date format used by Ancestry
. HTML / Javascript: Adding photos to individual files
. Bug fixed in the consideration of images
. HTML: Adding marriage years to ascendancy trees
. HTML: Bug fixed on the display of duplicate first and last names in individual files
. PDF: Fix memory leak
. CSV: Removal of empty columns
. CSV: Bug fixed on information not displayed (ADDR)

Version 1.40o (05/29/2021)

. PDF : Generation limit up to 20
. PDF : Descendancy tree added
. PDF : generation of all trees with more than 4 generations
. HTML/Javascript : Birth sort added in trees
. CSV : Bug fixed : Partner column displayed multiple times

Version 1.40n (05/09/2021)

. PDF : Birth and death dates added
. HTML/Javascript : Level added in ascendancy tree

Version 1.40m (05/04/2021)

. PDF : New generated format
. CSV : Separator bug fixed in header line
. CSV : Separator date now depending of the regional Windows configuration
. CSV : Option added to display date in GEDCOM foramt
. Geneatique bug supported in dates (ABOUT XX)

Version 1.40m (05/04/2021)

. PDF : New generated format
. CSV : Separator bug fixed in header line
. CSV : Separator date now depending of the regional Windows configuration
. CSV : Option added to display date in GEDCOM foramt
. Geneatique bug supported in dates (ABOUT XX)

Version 1.40l (02/07/2021)

. Ascendancy tree : Date evolution : before <, after >, about ~
. CSV : Sources and notes added on each event
. CSV : Correction de l'affichage du conjoint
. Memory bugs fixed

Version 1.40k (01/10/2021)

. Catalan language added
. Memory bugs fixed

Version 1.40j (12/13/2020)

. HTML/Javascript convesion added
. Encoding bug fixed
. Memory bug fixed

Version 1.40i (10/3/2020)

. Spain map updated with better quality.
. Spain zones maps added.
. Bug fixed when Gedcom load hang.

Version 1.40h (8/17/2020)

. CSV : UTF-8 format generation.
. CSV : Option box added to sort colunms.
. CSV : Second SEX column deleted.
. CSV : Columns "Religious name" (_RNAME) and "old family name" (_FORMERNAME).
. CSV : Colums for specifics events added.
. Documentation to use an UTF-8 CVS file in Excel : here.

Version 1.40g (1/9/2020)

. United Kingdom map added.
. United Kingdom counties maps added.
. HTML : Weddings images added in family tree center.

Version 1.40f (12/10/2019)

. PHP : Zones map added with city names.
. PHP : Images Added in individual files.
. PHP : Fixed translation and encoding bugs in dates.
. HTML : Weddings images added in family tree pages.

Version 1.40e (11/16/2019)

. SOSA number one automatic search if gedcom is modified.
. PHP : Bug in main page fixed.
. PHP : SQL scripts added in file generation to update database easily with import function in PhpMyAdmin.

Version 1.40d (10/19/2019)

. Bug fixed in places files when selected language is missing.
. PHP : Database query converted to UTF-8.
. Bug fixed for multi-file generation.

Version 1.40c (10/6/2019)

. Czech Republic maps added (country and regions).
. Places files converted to "json" (countries, zones et cities) to support specials characters (UTF-8).
. PHP : Database and et pages converted to UTF-8.
. HTML : Bug fixed for sources truncated à 1020 characters.

Version 1.40b (6/8/2019)

. HTML : Graph added in the home page showing the distribution of the family in the majority department.
. Excel : Column added to list links to other individuals.
. Excel : Extended format added : Header fixing the separator character, line feeds in the columns.

Version 1.40a (6/1/2019) . UTF-8 json country file.
. UTF-8 json zone file.
. HTML : Bug fixed : Link to the oldest person when using the prefix.
. HTML : Graph added in the homepage showing the distribution of the family in the majority country.
. Excel : Oxy-Gen Technical ID replaced with ID GEDCOM of Individuals.
. Excel : All events added with their date, place and link information (ASSO tag).
. PEDI family tag management.

Version 1.39z (2/9/2019)

. PHP : Bugs fixed for user access (session management).
. PHP : Bugs fixed in statistics pages.
. PHP : Bugs fixed in tree page.
. Place deduction fixed when country and zone are well filled in gedcom file.

Version 1.39y (11/14/2018)

. PHP : Bugs fixed for PHP versions compatibility.
. HTML : Display video in documents pages.
. Excel : Number of pages column added.
. Issue fixed in place deduction (when a place is in several countries and several times in a country).

Version 1.39x (11/5/2018)

. Message added un first dialog to check new version.
. HTML : Event list added in statistics page.
. "NUMP" (number of pages) tag added.
. Excel : Note column added.

Version 1.39w (10/24/2018)

. Excel : Columns added for all GEDCOM events.
. HTML : Bug fixed : Document page empty.
. HTML : Zero links deleted in date index page.
. HTML : Names sorted by date in search result page and individual name index.
. HTML : Bug fixed in search page when names contain apostrophes.

Version 1.39v (9/23/2018)

. PHP : Bug fixed on flash list index.
. New maps and datas of Great Britain (thanks to Michael Behrend).
. Excel : Bug fixed on first letter of the birth country.
. HTML : _BUBL tag (from ELIE software) decoded to display persons zones on pictures.

Version 1.39u (5/7/2018)

. HTML: Death and birth dates added in the search page results.
. HTML: Undated events removed from the list of events by date.
. HTML: Link Name to the list of events by date in the index page in English.
. PHP: Fixed the lack of SOSA when the "Process all files in the directory" box is checked.
. PHP: MySQL version 4.7.9. support.
. PHP: DataBase loading optimization with index management.

Version 1.39t (4/2/2018)

. CSV : Quotes added.
. CSV : "OK" button deleted in options panel.
. GEDCOM->CSV format transformation added.
. PHP : Crash at 55% fixed.
. HTML : Bug fixed when text contain quotes.
. DEZ and OKT month supported in GEDCOM DATE as december and october.

Version 1.39s (1/7/2018)

. Famille Photos : Message box added if VB6FR.DLL is not present in the Windows sytem directory.
. Interactive search for places : Automated check added to avoid bad zone/city choice.
. HTML : Photo gallery : Bug fixed when use prefix option.

Version 1.39r (19/11/2017)

. CSV Excel/Access : Formatting dates for conversion to 1 file.
. CSV Excel/Access : Husband/spouse column added for conversion to 1 file (duplicate rows if multiple husbands/spouses).
. HTML : percentages and thousands separator space added in the statistics table on the home page.
. HTML : Bug fixed : Familly sources displayed many times.
. HTML : Bug fixed : Links (URL) in sources.

Version 1.39q (14/10/2017)

. 7 maps of the States of America replaced with better quality.
. US cities added and fixed.
. Families sources added in search page.
. Bug fixed in the search page when using spaces.
. Title of the source type displayed in the source list page.
. Deduction cities improved. Deletion of characters in brackets.
. Fixed display of _LOC tag.

Version 1.39p (5/10/2017)

. USA cities misplaced fixed.
. HTML : Memory optimization.
. UTF16 GEDCOM support added.
. Space character added between sources and note lines (CONT tag).

Version 1.39o (25/9/2017)

. HTML tags displayed correctly in notes and sources.
. HTML : Memory Bug fixed in notes and sources generation.
. HTML : Tree centered automaticaly in the family tree (when click on the earliest person).
. HTML : Family tree (when click on the earliest person) generation optimized .

Version 1.39n (20/9/2017)

. HTML : Bug fixed in picture and note generation.

Version 1.39m (18/9/2017)

. HTML : Notes and sources added in search page.
. HTML : Notes and sources added in the family tree (when click on the earliest person).
. HTML : # replaced by _ in picture files when "remove accents" is checked.

Version 1.39l (10/9/2017)

. HTML : Events added in the family tree (when click on the earliest person).

Version 1.39k (2/9/2017)

. HTML : New family tree when click on the earliest person.

Version 1.39j (16/8/2017)

. HTML : Table of Birthdays : Grey cell colors when individual is dead.
. HTML : Search result link bug fixed.
. HTML : Clickable link for sources.

Version 1.39i (26/6/2017)

. French Algerian cities added and problems fixed.

Version 1.39h (24/6/2017)

. French Algerian map added.
. Algerian cities problems fixed. Alegrian high quality maps added.

Version 1.39g (31/5/2017)

. HTML : Bug fixed in individual link.
. Place deduction bug fixed.

Version 1.39f (19/5/2017)

. United Kingdom map added.
. In Lincolnshire (United Kingdom), Lindsey is the north division and Kesteven is the south-west division. The map has them the wrong way round (thanks to Michael).

Version 1.39e (7/5/2017)

. PHP class version added.
. French city added : Hélesmes Lille.
. PHP : Page CoupleSearch.php added to search couples.
. PHP : Column id_partner added to optimize couples search.
. Chili translation fixed for german language.

Version 1.39d (12/3/2016)

. Bug fixed when choosing INSEE code / postal code. Must stop and restart Oxy-Gen for the option to be considered.
. Bug fixed in the deduction of the Italian cities and Lebanon.
. Bug causing a crash in the calculation of SOSA : Fixed.
. HTML : Adding a dividing line of century in the list of events by places.
. HTML : Adding an icon man/woman in the list of events by places.
. HTML : Added option to display the names and surnames in their individual file.
. HTML : Bug causing a crash of some types of images to tiff : Fixed.

Version 1.39c (13/2/2016)

. HTML : Bug fixed to display unknown tag.
. HTML : Bug fixed in galery page background.

Version 1.39b (6/2/2016)

. HTML : TIFF to jpg conversion in the documents pages, photo gallery and individual file
. HTML : Option to choose to display documents (images ...) in the documents pages, individual files, both or neither
. HTML : Option to choose to display sources in the pages Notes/sources, individual files, both or neither
. HTML : Option to choose to display the notes in the pages Notes/sources, individual files, both or neither
. HTML : Bug fixed with multiple SOSA numbers on the family page and individual files
. PHP : Page added (rechercheLieuX.php) research with the predefined location by passing parameters
. PHP : Page added (DisplayPlaces.php) in the admin menu to list the places and their code
. Algeria : Adding Code for Cities and bug fixed for cities deduction with special characters
. Display places : Removing names found
. HTML : Display urecognized GEDCOM tag in individual files
. HTML : Bug fixed with pictures and special characters in the photo gallery

Version 1.39a (16/01/2016)

. HTML : Photos galery : Link to individual added, picture name added, bug fixed when pictures is in object separated tag.
. Netherland provinces maps added.
. Bug fixed in country deduction (Spain...).
. CSV (Excel / Access) : Notes and sources added.
. HTML : Unknown tag displayed.

Version 1.39 (11/12/2015)

. HTML : Event text color can be choosen.
. HTML : Implexes : Display multiple sosa number in SOSA page.
. PHP : Dates displyed in chosen language.

Version 1.38z (07/11/2015)

. Sources informations was not displayed when gedcom tad is out of the individual tag.
. PHP : Display the nickname in the Individual file and the names'list.
. PHP : Display weddings in chronological order in the individual file.
. PHP : Bug fixed in the event talbe without the date and place in the Individual file.
. HTML : Bug fixed in video generation.
. CSV (Excel / Access). Fixed a crash in case of missing dates
. Adding documentation on family pfotos functionality. Go.

Version 1.38y (18/10/2015)

. HTML : Bug fixed family event list.
. Bug fixed in Lauenau German city name.

Version 1.38x (8/9/2015)

. Bug fixed in CSV multi-files generation.
. Dutch translation improved.

Version 1.38w (27/8/2015)

. HTML: Bug fixed: Some people are not displayed in the ancestries trees with the 100 years option enabled.
. The type of convertion was not properly saved in preferences.
. Option added to generate only a single CSV file.
. CSV option panel opens during the conversion in order to modify settings.

Version 1.38v (11/7/2015)

. HTML : generation crach when date of birth is not known.
. Cities with "AR" suffix wasn't deducted in Switzerland country.
. "AR" and "AI" was inverted in Switzerland country map.

Version 1.38u (7/6/2015)

. HTML : UTF-8 bugs fixed : œ wasn't displayed. Bug if a character is on two lines.
. HTML : If the date of birth of children or brothers and sisters is not known, the christening date is displayed and prefixed with "b.".
. Adding cities and maps Switzerland.
. After the GEDCOM tag CONC, spaces were wrongly deleted.

Version 1.38t (24/5/2015)

. HTML : Bug fixed when tag text is empty to avoid display.

Version 1.38s (17/5/2015)

. HD version to download with french maps in better quality.
. HTML : Crash fixed when downloadind gedcom with line contening more than 1000 characters.

Version 1.38r (3/5/2015)

. Deutch lander maps added.
. Deutch country satellite map added.
. PLZ codese added for deutch cities.
. City names modified with accents and special characters.
. HTML : Bug fixed in note display : Space was inserted between lines.

Version 1.38q (10/4/2015)

. Deutch translation added (thanks to Ulrich Thoma)
. Bug fixed when place name is finded in multiple countries.
. XLS : Pption added to display column titles.
. XLS : Events files splited when more than 1 000 000 lines.
. XLS : Option added to display first day or month when unknown in date.

Version 1.38p (21/3/2015)

. HTML : Individual description : Option added to display children places or not.
. HTML : Individual description : Marriage displayed nicely when only one marriage.
. PHP : Bug fixed in statistical pages : only one line is displayed.
. XLS : Husband and wife ID added.
. XLS : Date format can be selected in the option panel.

Version 1.38o (14/3/2015)

. Bug fixed when using some languages.
. HTML : Photos galery is not displayed.
. HTML : French satellite card : Corse was not displayed correctly.
. PHP : Bug fixed in statistical pages : older people and longest linving people.
. PHP : Table added and security control added in admin pages.

Version 1.38n (8/3/2015)

. HTML : Dates was not displayed corectly.
. HTML : French map : Corse was not displayed corectly in the satellite map.
. PHP : Bug fixed in statistical pages (oldest living people) and age added
. PHP : Link added in surnames list to display all surnames in the same page.

Version 1.38m (28/02/2015)

. HTML : French revolution date was not displayed corectly.
. PHP : bug fixed in statistical pages (number of line was impossible to modify with some PHP version)

Version 1.38l (23/02/2015)

. PHP : admin/param_site.php and save_param.php pages was missing.
. PHP : bug in places individual list page fixed.
. PHP : SOSA information can cause bug when using multiple family.

Version 1.38k (17/02/2015)

. PHP : Birthday page display bug fixed.

Version 1.38j (6/12/2014)

. Bug fixed: Link problem on the department 21 in the France map.
. Bug fixed: The user file for the BODY tag was not inserter in the generated html file. It was the HEAD file that was inserted into the BODY tag.
. Bug fixed: If you unselect "Generation XHTML" box, link (href="oxygen_acc.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css") is missed in acc. htm and men.htm.
. If you add a URL in the PAGE tag, it is now transformed into a link that can be clicked.

Version 1.38i (21/10/2014)

. Option to use postal code for the french cities.
. In the manual search panel of the places : The Longitude and latitude are inverted to be like google order.
. In the manual search panel of the places : If you copy longitude/latitude from google, you can paste in latitude cell. Then, the two fields will be filled automaticaly.
. PHP : latitude and longitude was inverted.
. PHP : oxg_calandar table name replaced by oxg_calendar.

Version 1.38h (30/09/2014)

. Option added to generate GoogleMap links with longitudes/latitudes.

Version 1.38g (29/09/2014)

. googlemap link display if place is unknown and Long/Lat coordonates present in PLAC tag of the gedcom file.

Version 1.38f (20/09/2014)

. New maps for Belgium and Netherland.

Version 1.38e (25/05/2014)

. Bug fixed for zone filling (In Netherland, Zeeland wasn't filled correctly).
. Bug fixed in the cities deduction (most cities wasn't found).

Version 1.38d (18/05/2014)

. For a place if the country and the Department are not specified and that the city exists in many countries, no city is deducted.
. Cities of England added.
. Interface to find individuals in phhotos groups added.
. HTML page photo gallery added.
. Expansion of then manual search panel of the places.
. In the manual search panel of the places : Buttons added to sort the list areas.

Version 1.38c (29/01/2012)

. If the output folder is empty, it is the same as the gedcom when you click to select it when it is empty.
. Keywords EITHER and OR are included in the descriptions of dates.
. Bug fixed in the detection of Belarus country.
. HTML: Storing pictures automatically in the directory specified in the gedcom. you must check the option "Set the documents in a subdirectory" in the Documents options panel.
. HTML: Display informations of the main page in the statistics page.
. PHP: Display baptisms dates if the birth dates are not specified.
. PHP: Display added of all events in the individual page.
. PHP: Changes in the source code for not warning of the PHP version 5.3.

Version 1.38b (29/05/2011)

. Bug fixed in USA cities names.
. Bug fixed in french date conversion.
. Bug fixed in index page to display adress.

Version 1.38a (25/09/2010)

. HTML : Affichage plus complet de l'adresse de l'auteur dans la page principale.
. HTML : Bug d'affichage sur le retour à la page principale quand on utilise le module de recherche.
. CSV : Ajout des noms de familles dans le fichier des individus.
. Bug corrigé sur les gedcom provenant du logiciel My héritage.

Version 1.38 (05/06/2010)

. Irland map added.

Version 1.37z (24/05/2010)

. PHP/HTML : Possibility to choose the type of display places (in the options page of places).
. HTML : Crash when generating pages ancestry with the option of hundred years.
. HTML : Display bug for individuals without information in the gedcom.
. Improved interactive deduction places.

Version 1.37y (04/03/2010)

. EXCEL : Patronym added in the individual file.
. PHP : New search page.
. HTML : User skin functionnality added.

Version 1.37x (16/09/2009)

. PHP : New feature to create skins with CSS files.
. HTML : Bug fixed in individual card with option "one individual per page".
. XML : New informations to improve visibility.
. SQL : Bug fixed that make crash Oxy-Gen.

Version 1.37w (14/02/2009)

. HTML : Bug fixed in family information tab.
. HTML : Crash fixed when date field is empty in gedcom file.
. PHP : Bugs fixed (php added in php head tag) and new event talbe added. (Thanks to Christophe).

Version 1.37v (31/01/2009)

. HTML : Pages event list : double family event deleted.
. HTML : Descendancy tree : Double individual in some title trees.
. HTML : Page names don't change if the option «Generate one induvidual per page» is selected.
. HTML : Genève Canton is now well painted.
. HTML : INSEE Code of Lyon fixed.
. HTML : Individual file : Families chronolicaly sorted in mariage order.
. HTML : Individual file : The birth event is now always the first event shown.
. PHP : Crash fixed if the gedcom has no event.

Version 1.37u (14/08/2008)

. PHP : Bugs fixed (Thanks to Christophe).
. HTML : Folder added with pictures in thumb format. Pages will be load quickly.
. Places : Dialog box will not appear if only the country describe the place.
. Crash fixed in the polish version.

Version 1.37t (14/06/2008)

. PHP : Bug fixed and new features : individual filetring (page filtering.php in the admin menu) and private/public access. Thanks to Christophe.

Version 1.37s (7/06/2008)

. PHP : Bug fixed in the main page and the automatic loading of the database.

Version 1.37r (29/05/2008)

. PHP : Bug fixed in the main page and the automatic loading of the database.
. HTML : Bug fixed in the option "Display pictures in the familly" that was allways actived even when unchecked.

Version 1.37q (23/04/2008)

. HTML : Bug fixed when documents are displayed at the end of the individual pages.
. PHP : php tag used to begin php source code.
. Place deduction : Some bugs fixed.
. Turc translation added.
. Turc map added.

Version 1.37p (21/12/2007)

. PHP : Bug fixed in the place file generation (lix). Places were missing.
. PHP : Main page modified.
. PHP : Translation added and some bugs fixed.

Version 1.37o (14/12/2007)

. PHP : Bug fixed in the place file generation (lix). Bug if the city code is unknown.
. Notes and sources from GENEATIQUE 2007 format supported.
. PHP : Translation added and some bugs fixed.
. PHP : Main page modified. Thanks to Christophe.
. Generation optimized.

Version 1.37n (1/12/2007)

. Links added in the descendancy tables to browse trees without returning to individual pages.
. PHP : Translation added and some bugs fixed. Thanks to Christophe.

Version 1.37m (20/11/2007)

. Option to add information in the BODY tag.
. Serbia and Montenegro added in country list.
. PHP : Translation added and some bugs fixed with the option 'short event list' selected.

Version 1.37l (14/11/2007)

. Source generation optimized.
. PHP : Bug fixed and debug added in creation database page.

Version 1.37k (7/11/2007)

. Marriages ordered by dates in individual pages.
. PHP : Bug fixed in the management of languages.

Version 1.37j (5/11/2007)

. Word province deleted in the Canada provinces names. Google can the recognize places.
. Bug fixed in the CSV file format generation.

Version 1.37i (4/11/2007)

. HTML : In the HEAD part of the index page : The value of meta tag language is different depending on the choosen language.
. HTML : In the chronological index : The baptismes dates are used if the births dates are unknown.
. PHP : Language can be modified on each generated pages.

Version 1.37h (31/10/2007)

. Pictures displayed on click in the individual pages.
. Bugs fixed in PHP version : Database cleaning and bug with the option 'Display short event list'.

Version 1.37g (28/10/2007)

. Possibility of including tags in the party HEAD of pages. Add the text file containing informations in the option box->HTML->miscellaneous.
. Bug fixed on the deduction of the city Faux in France.
. Pictures displayed on click in the doc page.

Version 1.37f (22/9/2007)

. Option to display only acts in documents page.

Version 1.37e (16/9/2007)

. Mexican map added.
. Poland cities corrected.
. Dialog box to choose the output folder modified.

Version 1.37d (4/9/2007)

. Cities added in Poland map.
. Bug fixed in the 100 yers algorithm. Some dead individuals are not shown even if the option is selected.
. Version PHP : statistics pages added. descendancy and d'ascendancy page added. Thanks to Christophe.

Version 1.37c (31/8/2007)

. Addition of the ages of the parents in the individual description.
. Addition of information in of Index of events by dates.
. Bug fixed in Spanish map.

Version 1.37b (27/8/2007)

. Links added in documents page to ascendancy tree and individual information when clicking on the picture.

Version 1.37a (20/8/2007)

. Zones maps and cities added to Canada.
. Zones maps and cities added to Poland.
. Portugal country and zones maps and cities added.
. Portuguese language added.
. Possibility of changing the colors (birth, death and marriage) in events tables.
. Addition of links towards the sources and documents in the events tables (preference must selected in the option panel).
. Bug fixed : Crash sometimes when adding a zone in the user place deduction.
. Bug fixed : Some pictures are not displayed in ascendency trees.
. Bug fixed : Some sources were missing.
. PHP Version evolution : Individual description and accesndancy trees pages. Thanks to Christophe.

Version 1.37 (9/4/2007)

. Bug fixed in the place deduction for the cities with the same name than their zone.

Version 1.36q (25/3/2007)

. Table names begin with oxg_ in PHP version.
. Bug fixed in the belgium cities names. Files *bel*.* must be deleted
. Bug fixed in the places tables : countries names are merged.
. Bug fixed in the places tables : The tables was was cutted for the same city.

Version 1.36p (26/2/2007)

. Bug fixed in the PHP generation.(place deduction)
. Algeria map added.
. Second France map added.
. Bug fixed in the deduction of the multiple places with the same name.
. Bug fixed in the place display tables : The different orthographies are gathered.
. Bug fixed in the photo display : relatif path are now supported.
. Bad links fixed in the ligth and detailled main pages.
. Gedcom copied in the destination folder.
. Option added to enable/disable "META NAME" in the main page.

Version 1.36o (7/2/2007)

. Bug fixed copy picture files in the destinated directory.
. Bug fixed of the link to Google map for the french website to use the adress.
. Foster displayed.
. Name added and placement correction of French cities.
. Bugs fixed in the index pages.
. PHP pages corrected and customized. Thanks to Christophe.

Version 1.36n (30/11/2006)

. Bug fixed to show the Saint Malo city on the map.
. Bug fixed of the link to Google map.
. Bug fixed in the PHP generation.
. PHP pages corrected and customized (maps and trees). Thanks to Christophe.
. New Dutch sentences translated libelle file. Thanks to Jan.

Version 1.36m (6/11/2006)

. Bug in source pages generation.

Version 1.36l (31/10/2006)

. Bug in the video generation.
. Link added in the main page to download the gedcom file.
. Option to add files in the main page. In the option panel, HTML -> main page.
. Memory crash in the map generation.

Version 1.36k (14/10/2006)

. Video of maps added.
. Several maps can be displayed for each country.

Version 1.36j (8/7/2006)

. Bug fixed in PHP generation of admin folder.
. Bugs fixed in PHP version.
. Bug fixed : Gedcom Tag sentences not saved in the registry.

Version 1.36i (30/6/2006)

. USA map size modified.
. Link to maps.Google in cities page.
. Bugs fixed in PHP version.
. Czech package fixed.

Version 1.36h (19/6/2006)

. USA maps and cities added.
. Document choosen on main page saved.
. Bugs fixed in PHP version.

Version 1.36g (16/6/2006)

. Bug fixed in sources display.
. Bug fixed in the link display that seems barred.
. Czech package fixed.
. Fig ficed when using doc folder for pictures in ascendancy tree.
. Option add to enable/disable email crypting in the main page.
. Bugs fixed in PHP version.

Version 1.36f (11/6/2006)

. Map file in JPEG format to reduce disk space.
. Default picture found for the PAF generated files (tag _PRIM Y) in the ascendancy tree.
. Default picture found for the Ancestrologie generated files (tag XTYPE P et XIDEN 1) in the ascendancy tree.
. Bug fixed in the ascendancy tree when 100 years option is activated.
. Czech Republic Map added.

Version 1.36e (25/5/2006)

. Option added to chose the color of the zones limits (new maps to download). (See forum message)
. Pictures in ascendancy tree.

Version 1.36d (7/5/2006)

. Zones names and the countries not displayed in the maps with Mozilla. (See forum message)
. Path of the documents are false with the use of the Doc folder. (See forum message)
. Links to maps incorrect with the birth maps the option disabled. (See forum message)
. Addition of the links between the zone mpas and title of the events types. (See forum message)

Version 1.36c (2/5/2006)

. Misaligned chonogrammes with Mozilla.
. Missing documents in the picture page.
. English version crash caused by a bad sentence in the libelle.eng file.

Version 1.36b (30/4/2006)

. Bug fixed : City names not displayed in maps with Mozilla.
. Generated title with the name of the SOSA 1.
. Do not display the sources and the images for the individuals "erased" by the rule of the hundred-years.
. Problem with the path of the images and documents in the gedcom.
. The title of the main page does not have the size parameterized in the preferences.
. The image added in the main page is not centered.

Version 1.36a (12/4/2006)

. Bug fixed in individuals associations management.
. Possibility to display several E-Mail in the main page.
. Hour on the same line that the date wuth condensed display option activated.
. Picture centered in the main page.
. A lot of corrections in the English translation.
. Dates added in the french history file.

Version 1.36 (1/4/2006)

. Bug fixed when an individual has no data in gedcom file (generated with Généatique 2006).

Version 1.35w (26/3/2006)

. Zéro added before zone code of France.
. ? removed when the death date is unknown.

Version 1.35v (24/3/2006)

. Ukrainian map added.
. Zones deducted even if the code is followed with characters.
. Longitutes and latitudes information added in the Acces export.
. HTML version : Correction sur l'affichage du TAG ASSO suivit du TYPE.
. HTML version : Title decoded for Hérédis generateed sources.
. HTML version : clickable links in sources and notes.
. PHP Version : head added in pages.

Version 1.35u (8/3/2006)

. Croatian map added.
. Email Crypted in the generated HTML main page.
. Source info file added in Access generation format.

Version 1.35t (1/3/2006)

. PHP generated pages optimazed for faster loading of the patronums page.
. Name of the XML generation modified in the Oxy-Gen main dialog box list.
. City plots larger in the zone maps.
. Zone maps added for France.
. Colors of background and text of HTML generated pages can be modified.

Version 1.35s (24/2/2006)

. PHP generated pages optimazed for faster loading and some bugs fixed.
. Bug fixed in ascendancy tree generation (crash at 70%).
. Bug fixed in city display on the zones maps.
. Possibility to activate sosa option when merging gedcom files.
. Evolution of the croatian translation.

Version 1.35r (18/2/2006)

. Optimization of the loading of the pages in PHP version.
. Bug fixed when merging several gedcom files to HTML.
. Bug fixed in user_place file management.
. Evolution of the polish translation.

Version 1.35q (5/2/2006)

. Management of several families in PHP generation.
. Optimization of the loading of the data in PHP version.
. Possibility of making a less detailed site in version PHP with only the places and dates of birth, marriage and décés. This allows generated base with much more people.
. Bug fixed on the generation of the traces in the version of debug.
. Reduction of the zone of overflight of the mouse for the posting of the name of the cities in the charts (2 instead of 5 pixels of radius).
. Taken into account of the names of the months in the dates if they have accents in french version (fév, déc...) (See the forum message).

Version 1.35p (11/1/2006)

. Memory management optimization at gedcom loading.
. Bug fixed in interactive user place definition.
. Zone index corrected in Italy, Luxembourg and Russian map.

Version 1.35o (3/1/2006)

. Bug fixed in interactive user place definition.
. Bug fixed in CSV generation (there was missing places).

Version 1.35n (29/12/2005)

. Bug fixed in Argentina map generation.
. Display only the first givename in ascendancy and descendancy tress when option is activated.

Version 1.35m (27/12/2005)

. Bug fixed in display of world map the files names are prefixed.
. Bug fixed in zone/region deduction.
. Zones maps in jpeg format.

Version 1.35l (22/12/2005)

. Argentina map added with zones.
. Support for Exif JPeg files.
. Bug fixed in the maps pages (coords=... at the top).
. Background added in the city names in the maps.

Version 1.35k (16/12/2005)

. Spain map added.

Version 1.35j (10/12/2005)

. Bug fixed in the city display of the zone maps.

Version 1.35i (29/11/2005)

. Bug fixed in the place deduction when the description begins with an empty string.
. Best place deduction for the Parentèle software : information order decoded.
. Sosa number 1 read for the Parentèle software.
. Display maps of the zones. All France.
. Zones Packages out of country package in the download page.
. Button to disable zone maps.

Version 1.35h (26/11/2005)

. Bug fixed when picures are displyed at the end of the individual information.
. Bug fixed in the events by places pages for only country places.
. Display maps of the zones. All Belgium.

Version 1.35g (19/11/2005)

. Bug fixed in the color generation of cities en cities names.
. Display maps of the zones. 3 are avaliables : France 72, 80 and 86.

Version 1.35f (31/10/2005)

. Bug PHP sentences (See forum message).
. Crash when option "remove accent" is off.
. Bug fixed for document display in the main page (See forum message).

Version 1.35e (23/10/2005)

. Crash when generating sources pages.

Version 1.35d (21/10/2005)

. Index.html file added.
. Country names on mouse over for the country flags.

Version 1.35c (14/10/2005)

. Bug in source display.
. Links to individuals added in sources list.

Version 1.35b (7/10/2005)

. Bad link in birth maps.

Version 1.35a (1/10/2005)

. Bad return to next line in notes.

Version 1.34z & 1.35 (30/9/2005)

. HTML/XML syntax corrected.
. Background image enabled.
. French and Tunisia cities added.
. Fastest generation of png files.
. Top 10 selection bug fixed.

Version 1.34y (24/9/2005)

. Bad links in search results.
. Netherland map : filling bug between ZE and VL.
. Flags added in full version package.

Version 1.34x (23/9/2005)

. Link to family tree in the main page.
. Bug in the about box corrected.
. Buttons bigger in the option box.
. Bug in maps colors fixed.
. Files size optimization.

Version 1.34w (21/9/2005)

. UTF-8 gedcom charset supported.
. Return to next line forget in notes.

Version 1.34v (20/9/2005)

. Memory bugs corrected.
. Date event tables modified.

Version 1.34u (19/9/2005)

. Croatian translation added.
. Flags added for each countries (in world map package).

Version 1.34t (15/9/2005)

. Sentences added in spanish translation.
. Translation added in countries names.
. Longitudes et latitudes added in France map to display more cities.
. Bug fixed in the place deduction when new country.

Version 1.34s (14/9/2005)

. Bugs fixed in the chronology table for Mozilla.
. Spanish translation added.
. Men/Women translated in statisitcs page.
. Total added in birthday table.

Version 1.34r (13/9/2005)

. For Brothers keeper, different date format (DD.MM.YYYY).
. For Brothers keeper, lists saved like individuals.

Version 1.34q (10/9/2005)

. Bug fixed : Installation problem with Windows XP.
. Bug fixed : Sort Problem in the top 10 of patronyms.
. Bug fixed : Average number of children in the main page.
. Bug fixed : Bad search page link in main page.

Version 1.34p (9/9/2005)

. Bug fixed : Average number of children.
. Bug fixed : Notes displayed twice with the option "notes at then end of the individual description".
. Dispay marriage witness in family part for husband and wife.
. More data in Belgium map.

Version 1.34o (6/9/2005)

. Bug fixed : Compatibility problem with GENTREE for the CONC tag.

Version 1.34n (1/9/2005)

. Default back color and not image.
. World map out of the main package.
. Bug fixed in character @, < and > lines following the notes.

Version 1.34m (29/8/2005)

. Correction in places deduction (belgium/luxembourg).
. Bug fixed in auto-install package.
. Bug fixed in character @, < and > in notes.

Version 1.34l (19/8/2005)

. Correction in Belgium map.
. Bug fixed in birthday table.
. Link added in the main page to the URL specified in the Gedcom.

Version 1.34k (17/8/2005)

. text file added (history_*.txt) to display events in the date index page.
. Correction in Belgium map.

Version 1.34j (14/8/2005)

. Bug link fixed in world map.
. Correction in Belgium map.
. Option (in the patronymes panel) to display nicknames between name and givename.

Version 1.34i (12/8/2005)

. Bug link fixed in world map.
. Correction in Deutsch translation.

Version 1.34h (11/8/2005)

. Bug fixed in option of display nickname before name.
. Display marriage witness.
. Map colors preferences saved.

Version 1.34f (9/8/2005)

. Bug fixed in world map.

Version 1.34f (8/8/2005)

. Bug fixed in generation of the Sosa number 1 ascendancy.
. World map added.
. Correction Belgium map.
. Correction in Deutsch translation.

Version 1.34e (6/8/2005)

. Links added (next page/previous page) on the individual pages.
. More Deutsch translation.

Version 1.34d (3/8/2005)

. Bug fixed in belgium map.
. More German translation.

Version 1.34c (31/7/2005)

. Display cities in belgium map.
. German translation.

Version 1.34b (6/7/2005)

. Correction in some contries.
. Correction in the support of the "van den" particule.

Version 1.34a (1/7/2005)

. Austria map with cities.
. Option ton invert name and nickname of individuals.
. Correction in some contries.
. Support of the "van den" particule.
. Correction in cities colors.

Version 1.34 (16/6/2005)

. Polish text updated.

Version 1.33y (7/6/2005)

. Option to modify map colors (cities/zones).

Version 1.33x (4/6/2005)

. Bug in map generation.

Version 1.33w (1/6/2005)

. Bug in map generation.

Version 1.33v (27/05/2005)

. Correction of 3 memory bugs that cause crash.

Version 1.33u (22/05/2005)

. PNG format used for all images files.
. Cities displayed with transparancy on maps.
. Option to display Author Email in the main page.
. Display individuals without name and nick-name with a ? character.

Version 1.33t (04/05/2005)

. Correction of the Paris placement on the map.
. Option added to detailed chronograms.
. Option to truncate nicknames (limited to the first one) in the tables.
. Corrections and improvment on chronograms.

Version 1.33s (02/05/2005)

. Display city names in maps near cities and not at the top of the map.
. Chronograms in individual descriptions.
. Mouse-over map zone re-calc.

Version 1.33r (30/04/2005)

. Modification on USA and canadian maps and data zones.
. Correction in place search.

Version 1.33q (23/04/2005)

. Correction in city generation on maps.
. More polish translations.

Version 1.33p (17/04/2005)

. Descendance tree link fixed.

Version 1.33o (15/04/2005)

. australia map added.
. display city names in maps (only for maps that longitude/latitude is supported : france, germany...).
. descendancy icone corrected.
. support of alphabetical order for polish language (special characters).

Version 1.33n (09/04/2005)

. file libelle.deu added for futur translation.
. translation added in country names and places of belgium and germany.
. Suppression of a registry access at start.

Version 1.33m (08/04/2005)

. Descendancy trees.
. Option : Light ascendancy tree.
. Option : génération light/detailled.
. Ages non calculated if birth date is "between ... and ...".

Version 1.33l (03/24/2005)

. Modification of the translation of "Great Britain" name in différents languages.
. Bad link to descendancy tree supressed.
. Country name in alphabetical order in all languages.
. Links in birth maps to zones show directly the right zone.
. Option to move documents after individual informations.
. Correction in the doc folder generation and doc link to the doc folder.
. In the option 'One individual for each page', the TITLE HTML tag is the name and nick-name of the individual.
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